I'm Japanese who can't speak English very well, but somehow my husband is Canadian who can't speak Japanese... To improve my English, I try to write about my hobby like knitting and baking in English. I'll use broken English though... please forgive me!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's not good!

Oh, man!! I haven't had a new post for a month...
I started working so I don't have enough time. BUT writing English in this blog is for me. Remember Your Original Intention.
I got a job about a month ago. I input some data on PC. I keep watching screen all day, that's why I don't wanna touch PC in my room. Oops! I'm excusing now.

I usually input data all day but I had different task since yesterday. The task was making questionnaires. Though the questionnaires had already been made, I copied it 1500 sheets of paper and then folded to put in 500 envelopes... Those papers made my hands dry! and I cut everywhere on my hands... I'm glad I've finished the task!

cabled newsboy cap100en yarn
I'd stepped away from this blog but I've still been knitting, of course!
I made cabled newsboy cap from stitch'n bitch nation. I used cheap yarns from 100en-shop (it's same as dollar shop). I didn't think they sold wool 100% yarns. I was surprised. The cap is really warm and cute. Here, in Japan, it's really warm (I mean, compare with in Toronto) so I can't use now though...


Anonymous Sandra said...

Great job on cap!

5:43 PM

Blogger assami said...

Thanks! It's pretty warm so I like it!

9:30 AM


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