I'm Japanese who can't speak English very well, but somehow my husband is Canadian who can't speak Japanese... To improve my English, I try to write about my hobby like knitting and baking in English. I'll use broken English though... please forgive me!

Monday, October 24, 2005

herringbone gloves finished!!

wow! I haven't had new post for a month. After I came back to Japan, I didn't do nothing... I sometimes play with my nieces, see my friends, read books and sleep a lot.... How lazy I am! Maybe I'm not good at assimilating myself to new surroundings. And "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". When I was in Toronto, I missed Japan but now I really miss Toronto.
I was so hungry for Japanese books I was reading a lots even in the bathroom. I haven't gotten new books, which I've ordered to a library so I started knitting again then the gloves were done.
herringbone gloves (back side)
I think.... I started it this August...I knitted other things so I almost forgot about it, and actually I made right hand of the gloves twice, because I dropped lots stitches and the fingers were too long for mine. I may have got bored to knit it... But anyways I've done! I little bit worried about the colour but now I really like it. The wrists are so long that it's really warm.
herringbone gloves (palm side)herringbone gloves
Winnie gave me a comment for last my post about this gloves (thanks!) , so I'll try to explain how to knit soon. My English is broken so don't expect so much!