I'm Japanese who can't speak English very well, but somehow my husband is Canadian who can't speak Japanese... To improve my English, I try to write about my hobby like knitting and baking in English. I'll use broken English though... please forgive me!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I've done ene's scarf!

ene's scarf
I knitted so hard that I forgot to post this blog, but I finally made it!!
I'm really happy because I worried whether I could finish it so much.
It's finished much nicer than I thought. (you know, I'm a beginner knitter.)
It was really difficult for me. I always had to count number of stitches and pay attention to the book... but now I was just relieved and satisfied so I don't know what to say. Anyways I'm pretty happy, for sure!!


Blogger artdreams said...

This is gorgeous!

7:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats! it's beautiful!

12:34 PM

Blogger micehell said...

nice job!

3:14 PM

Anonymous Kitty said...

Wow - great job on the scarf. Found your bog through the knit blog ring - your English is just fine - and much better than my Japanese!

12:41 PM

Blogger • B E N B E N E K • said...

Just wanted to announce the 4th anniversary of Hand Knits for Young Moderns- it's a collection of vintage knitting (pattern book) scans - lots of fun! - thank you!

2:54 PM

Blogger Leeanne said...

That is very impressive for a beginner knitter. Congrats.


2:35 AM

Blogger Bonne Marie said...

FABULOUS! That color is mouthwatering - AND - you did a most amazing job with the stitching.


4:36 PM

Blogger Dominique said...

Elle est magnifique !

9:30 AM

Blogger Sharon Airhart said...

Congratulations! You may be new to knitting, but you're no beginner. Wonderful work!

2:00 PM

Anonymous Camomille said...

Assami-san, konnichiwa!
Un bonjour de France.
I've seen your blog for the first time today and I want to congratulate you for Ene's scarf. Subarashii desu ne!

5:52 AM

Blogger assami said...

I"ve been busy so that I didn"t notice these messages.
Thanks for lots of great comments!!

12:09 PM

Blogger A.J. said...

excellent work. :)

5:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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