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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Gee...It's too warm!

I want to buy new knit yarns but it's too warm to go out!
Romni wools, which I usually go to buy yarns, has held a sale so I really want to go there...
So far my knitting plans are
1.ene's scarf from "scarf style"
2.prfect pie shawl from "weekend knitting"
3.herringbone gloves from this sight
4.Lottie from "Rowan junior"

I've been knitting the ribbed camisole, which I unraveled. It's simple pattern so that I'm getting bored, and I'm using bigger size of needles because last time my camisole ended up XS size, but so far the it lookes Larger than midium...I want to try new pattern so that I chose #1,#2. I don,t need worry about the size as well! About #3, I want to use Rowan yarns but it's more expensive than in Japan because of tax. Rowan spun 4ply is used for the gloves. Rowan spun 4ply isn't so expensive and I need only 2 balls so that I made up my mind to buy during the sale on Romni Wools.
#4 is for my friend who is going to have a baby in October. It's a present so I'll make a swatch seriously.

ribbed scarf
This scarf is my favorite. I made it 4 years ago. Yarn is alpaca 100%. It's really soft and warm.


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