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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I've finished my ribbed camisole. I made M size but it ended up XS size...
I made a swatch with US2 needles but it was smaller than tension from the book so that I used US3 needles. I should have made a swatch again! I can wear the XS size camisole though...it's a bit...too tight fit. Should I give it to my niece? I really like that design and I knitted tight so that she might feel coarse. I'm wavering between leaving and making over. I always make small stuff like glove, scarf. I've made a sweater before but only once! I learned a lots from this camisole. I make a note not to foreget what I learned, what I have to check.
ribbed camisole
1.My stitches are pretty good, but end of row (right side of edge with RC facing)is not good.
2.I don't know how to join seams properly.
3.I'm not sure where to pick up when I make neck band and trim etc.
4.If I try to make over, it may be better to use cicular needle??

I want to make a lovely cardigan in this fall!


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