I'm Japanese who can't speak English very well, but somehow my husband is Canadian who can't speak Japanese... To improve my English, I try to write about my hobby like knitting and baking in English. I'll use broken English though... please forgive me!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

ribbed camisole

I've started knitting a camisole from "Vintage knit". I like knitting now but when I was a kid, I couldn't knit. I tried again and again but I made only weird pyramid-shape something...I must have dropped stitches on every rows. Several years ago I tried knitting a scarf (with cable!), and then I made it! The scarf made me a person who loves knitting.
ribbed camisole from vintage knit
I'm Japanese so that English knitting book isn't familiar. I have to study English and knitting. I want to speak English fluently, this blog is good for me...I think. Anyways I'll try my best!


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